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engleski stihovi

Ur BoOtIe MiGhT b BiGgA
bUt I gOtCh Ya NiGgA
uR kIsS mIgHt B wEtTa
BuT hE tHiNkZ mYnEz BeTtA
u ThInK u GoT hIm On LoCk DoWn
BuT u DuN kNo WuT hE dOeS wHiLe Ur NoT aRoUnD

+**! Look At Me and lOoK at u.!**+
+*Now teLL me huNNy...*+
+*WhO's JeaLiOuS oF wHo?*+

I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. I'm surrounded by angels... but I call them my bestfriends!

*-*-Remember the tree
*-*-Remember the trunk
*-*-Remember that time we all got drunk
*-*-The beer was bad the sex was heaven
*-*-Remember the class of 2007!

xo*BeFoRe yOu CaMe ALoNg i WaS dOiN fiNe*xo
xo*BrEaKiN gUyS' HeArTs AnD NeVa LeTtiN tHeM ToUcH MiNe*ox
xo*BuT SoMeHoW i FeLL iN LoVe*ox
xo*WhiCh WaS iMpOsSiBLe BuT TrUe*ox
xo*AnD NoW My HeArT BeLoNgS tO OnLii YoU*ox

i love cute,hot,sweet,sexy and coool boyzzz.:-*

                  "`..*  LoVe *..`"              
                     *. ``.. .* 

ALwAyS rEmEmBeR-
WhEn a GuY sWeEpS u OfF uR fEeT...
He iS iN ThE pErFeCt pOsItIoN
tO dRoP u On uR aSs

I will forever love you
I will forever care
I will forever live my life wishing you were there
And for as long as I live I will neva walk away
If you come to me...Than forever you will stay

i am baby girl in the baby world

.+*'``'*+.  Be CaReFuL  .+*'``'*+.
 .+*'``'*+.    WhAt YoU    .+*'``'*+.
 .+*'``'*+.     ChOoSe     .+*'``'*+.
 .+*'``'*+.  To Do In LiFe  .+*'``'*+.
 .+*'``'*+.     BeCaUsE     .+*'``'*+.
 .+*'``'*+.    SoMeOnE      .+*'``'*+.
 .+*'``'*+.      MaY Be     .+*'``'*+.
 .+*'``'*+.  FoLlOwInG In  .+*'``'*+.
 .+*'``'*+.      YoUr       .+*'``'*+.
 .+*'``'*+.    FoOtStEpS    .+*'``'*+

I KnOw 3 LiL WoRdS ThAt ArE a PuRe LiE
I KnOw 3 LiL WoRdS ThAt MaKe EvErY gIrL cRy
I KnOw 3 LiL WoRdS ThAt ArE tHrOwn ArOuNd
I KnOw 3 LiL WoRdS ThAt ArE rArElY fOuNd
AnD ThOsE 3 LiL wOrdS aRe .... I LoVe YoU

bAbii I  n.E.e.d  y0u
      y0u  d.0.n.t  haVe a cluE
  e.v.E.r.y.t.H.i.n.g  I tHink 0f
      rEvoLves ar0uNd  y.0.u

     "`..*  LoVe *..`"
        *. ((`YoU)) .*     
       *. ``.. .*

 *     *   
         * .        .         . *
              *     .     *
     *    .    .  SeXy    .    .    *
            . *     .     *
          *         .       .    
                    *        *

If you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret this day.~